Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Week 2, Thing 4

I just registered my blog with the CSLA team.

Week 2, Thing 3

I just created my Avatar. I first heard about Avatars from Jackie Siminitus at the CSLA conference last November at the Technology Committee panel. I have been curious about them since then, but haven't had a chance to try making one.

It took me a few tries to get the Avatar modifications working, possibly (altho I'm not sure) because I had pop-ups blocked. After I got it to work, it was fun looking for different hair, clothes, etc., and trying them out. As you will see in my Avatar picture on the blog, I am wearing a READ shirt. I love making READ posters, and I was inspired to get going with Week 2 today when I read Jackie Siminitus's CALIB post today about the virtual READ T-shirts. So, thank you, Jackie!

Week 1, Thing 2

I found the 7 1/2 Habits slides interesting, altho (being a bit of a rebel at times) I wasn't willing to actually create a written contract with myself. I also had a little trouble deciding which items were hard and which were easy.

I decided that #4, having confidence in myself as a competent, effective learner, is fairly easy for me, since I take on a lot of new things to learn all the time and usually don't have too much trouble succeeding in learning what I want to.

#5, create your own learning toolkit, is probably the hardest for me, not so much because I can't come up with or find tools, but because I always have a lot of trouble organizing tools in a way that keeps them tidy and easy to find when I need them. (I'm a pile person, and constantly having to sort thru piles to find what I need. On the computer, I can never decide the best way to organize my files.)

#7 1/2, play, is also a hard one for me. I generally feel like there are so many things I must do before I can allow myself play time.


Here is my first posting. I'm very excited about CSLA's new Web 2.0 tutorials program, and I'm very happy that I have more free time during my summer break to work on it. I have already created several blogs, but still have plenty to learn about them, and there are a lot of other tools covered by this tutorial that I haven't yet tried (including some like Rollyo I've never heard of).