Monday, June 23, 2008

School's Out!

Time flies, and it's been another month since I last posted. School is OUT, and I even finally got my library annual report done!

Unfortunately, though, I can't just drop everything and go into vacation mode, since I am now anticipating the district Board Meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, June 24). The action at the last finance committee meeting was very positive; the two board members asked our superintendent to take teacher librarians off the cut list. However, in the Board Meeting Agenda, there is a counter recommendation to have each of us teach two classroom periods. That would effectively reduce the time we have to be librarians by half, and would mean that students in classes that met during the two periods we were in classrooms would never have access to our library teaching. I am hopeful that this recommendation will not be approved by the Board, since it would seriously hamper what we can do to help students and teachers at each of our schools. I know this is late notice, but I invite anyone reading this to come support us tomorrow!

ALA starts this Friday! I am very excited about all I'll be doing there. I will start by spending all day Friday at a pre-conference Library Advocacy Institute. Then on Sunday is our Book Cart Drill Team routine. Please wish our team luck! Here's our T-shirt design:At the conference, I also plan to check out library furniture companies for our new school library, attend sessions on a large variety of topics that will help me improve library programs, get lots of free books (there are supposed to be a ton of ARCs - Advanced Reader Copies -- given out in the exhibits area), and have lots of fun hanging out with library friends :)!

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School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Hope you had a wonderfull time at ALA conference and have had time to recuperate. Hope you plan to go through your conference notes and exhibit bag and post about your highlights.

Best wishes.
- Jackie