Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Week 9, Thing 20

I have had some fun searching around YouTube. I love "Introducing the book."

Here's a fun one for those of us who love both Harry Potter and Jane Austen:

I would like to try to start incorporating short videos into library lessons. We all know students like getting to watch movies during class. With easy access to videos on all different topics, I need to try to take advantage of that. I also just got a new MacBook for work and understand it has a video editing feature which should make it feasible to show just clips from videos when I don't want the whole video. I want to explore how that works.


Lib. Learner Liz 2.0 Cheerleader said...

You really made my daughter's day. She loves P and P and HP so she will love the video. Also, she just got a new mac book so I'll tell her about the video editing capabilities you mentioned so that she can check them out. thank you

School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

WoW! How fun. Thanks so much for sharing the Harry Potter version of Jane Austen!

Each time I read a new School Library Learning 2.0 post, I learn about new discoveries.

librarymum said...

I love this mash up of HP and P & P. It's so cool, it doesn't seem like it could be legal! I've saved it on another of my blogs so I can find it again. Thanks for sharing it.