Friday, July 13, 2007

Week 5, Thing 10

I loved Image Chef and had a lot of fun trying some of the different templates. You can see one here. I also added one to the blog just above my avatar. (I want to make it smaller - I'll have to work on that.) I think I will try adding images like this one to my library blog, which I use for reporting library events, hours, book club activities, etc. It would jazz it up to have a fun image in each posting.
I also really like Comic Strip Generator. I like the idea given in the tutorial to use comic strips for directions. I was also thinking of trying to incorporate some into my library orientation. Last year I created a PowerPoint presentation to go along with my orientation talk, and I tried to include some fun images and sounds. I plan to go over it this summer and try to spice it up a little more. I think comic strips could help with that.
One thing that I can see will be a challenge will be keeping track of all these good tools we are learning about in this tutorial. I am constantly learning about new ideas but it is sometimes a little overwhelming trying to keep track of and remember them all. I keep thinking I need a new way of organizing things, but part of the problem is not just the quantity, but the fact that they are in different forms - emails, websites, files, paper.