Friday, July 27, 2007

Week 6, Thing 15

Library 2.0 is one of those concepts that, one minute I think I have a good grasp of, and the next minute I think I really have no idea. I guess that's because Library 2.0 is really a moving target. There is always something new. As much as I try to keep up with all the new technology options that could help me do a better job serving my students, teachers, and parents, I never can. For each new tool I learn about, I find out about two or three more I haven't had time to learn about. This School Library Learning 2.0 tutorial has been wonderful in giving me a great boost with Library 2.0, but it's also making me all the more aware of how much there is out there that I'd like to learn about because it could help with the way I serve my users. I know logically that I can never master everything, but I have to do what I can to keep current. Otherwise, I'm in danger of failing to see when and how the library must change if we are to serve our users properly. I was taken with Rick Anderson's "icebergs" analogy - if we don't keep current and open-minded about how and what the library is and does and what we as librarians do, we will fail to be the guides to this ever-changing world of information and access we owe it to our patrons to be.

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