Saturday, July 28, 2007

Week 7, Thing 17

I really like how the School Libary Learning 2.0 team put together all the links to curriculum ideas for the different types of technology we are studying on the calcurriculum wiki. I did make a small entry in the sandbox and I found a suggestion for using wikis for book clubs and I added a few ideas to it. It felt really strange making changes on a page that wasn't "mine." I guess that's just something that I'll have to get used to if I'm going to use wikis :) !

Last school year, I started using a blog as a supplement to my library web page for events, hours, a few book talks, and book club meeting announcements. Now that I have explored wikis a bit more, I think a wiki would work better for some of this. I think I will try setting up a wiki for the library book club and use it for the book club meeting announcements, but also encourage the members to discuss books, add book reviews, and suggest and vote on books to read and discuss.

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